Manufactured by Marsh Marine...Tank Cleaning Professionals         “Our experience is your protection since 1966”
Never Accidentally Fill the Wrong Tank
Deck Fill Protection Device
After many years of cleaning tanks contaminated by boaters inadvertently filling the wrong deck fill, Marsh Marine invented a simple, inexpensive device to eliminate this costly mistake.
Each FillGuard kit contains three inserts for Diesel or Gasoline, Water, and Waste which fit virtually all type and size deck fills.  Simple installation instructions are included.  Order conveniently Online above.
FillGuard is a protection insert, labeled and color coded for Diesel, Gasoline, Water, and Waste deck fills. FillGuard reminds the user which deck fill is open and refocuses attention before the filling action begins, thus assuring proper fill selection before a mistake occurs...
Protect your boat and prevent costly mistakes which happen to even the most seasoned skippers.        Get complete tank fill protection, get FillGuard
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